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Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I need a free inspection before I can get a price quote?

A trained eye can identify issues and better suggest a particular product or plan.

Can I spray and get rid of my pest problem?

Unfortunately, most available products will only be mildly effective due to low amounts of active ingredients or improperly applied products.

Why should I hire a professional pest prevention firm?

The main reason is to protect your family and home. A trained eye will spot issues and eliminate them before they get out of hand.

Is this safe for my family and pets?

Yes we keep up with technology and the products available now are very safe for both Pets and your Family.

Will I feel secure with your pest control professionals in my home?

Yes our technicians all go through extensive vetting and will be polite and professional.

How soon can your exterminators come to my home?

We pride ourselves with our ability to service our customers on their time sometimes jumping through hoops to fit your busy schedule.

Do I have to leave my home when you provide service?

Not typically our products are designed to be effective but not disruptive to your lives.

How soon before we can expect results?

This honestly varies as different pests require different treatments and products. We track results accordingly.

How do pests get into my home?

Pests have an uncanny ability to enter even the most well-built homes. They might even come in with the pets.

Is a preventative plan necessary?

The old saying of “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” This applies to Pest Control for certain.

Do you offer pet-friendly pest control options?

Yes we are pet owners and make pets a constant consideration in our work.

How long do regular pest treatments take?

This varies some but a good rule of thumb is less than an hour for most jobs.

What are some warning signs of unwanted pests to look out for?

Unfortunately, we only see a small portion of the pest that are actually in or around the home. Consistent visual inspection is key.

How is your company different From Other Local Exterminators?

Being a locally owned small business we have the ability to get the job done without corporate restraints saving our customers time and money.

I noticed more bugs than usual after my first Treatment. Why Is that?

This gets asked often Hyperactivity is the Pest moving after being exposed to pesticides or treatments.

What do you do with any animals you catch?

We follow state guidelines for this and the methods vary widely.